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Project Management & Virtual Assistance for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners


I'm Taylor, An Expert in Operations

I'm so glad you're here! If you've made it to my site, chances are that you're in the place in your business where it's time to delegate. You love your business - but there are probably parts that you love more than others. Many clients I work with come to me because they love sales or strategy, but the organization and day-to-day operations of what they do can be draining and time consuming. 


I specialize in preventing problems and creating solutions. Be it in your daily workflow, in a specific project or in assisting customers, my experience has taught me to foresee and prevent most issues from ever arising which saves your company time and money.

With over 6 years of project management and customer service experience, I am very passionate about helping others get the most out of the work they do. I believe communication and a positive attitude are key, and I can quickly familiarize myself with your project or products to ensure you, your team and your customers have the best possible experience.

My Services

Virtual Assistance

  • Administrative Support

  • Email Management

  • Digital Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Scheduling & Travel

  • Personal Assistance

  • And More! Just Ask

*I offer both by-the-hour and package rates. 10% discount on monthly ongoing retainers. 

Project Management & Operations

  • Hiring, Training, and Managing Your Remote Teams

  • Set-up and Management of Technology/Online Programs  

  • Budgeting and Finances

  • Podcast Production

  • Marketing Campaign Management

  • Client Services

  • And More! Just Ask

*I offer both by-the-hour and package rates. 10% discount on monthly ongoing retainers. 

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Past Clients


"Taylor did an excellent job, delivered on-time, and exactly as directed. I wouldn't hesitate to use her on a project again!”

Scott Miller

"Taylor has been an incredible addition to my team. She is organized, extremely detail-oriented, and fantastic at anticipating needs. She is easily able to tackle a complex variety of operations, marketing, and administrative tasks. Not only is she talented, but she is kind, responsive, and works well with others"

Blake Morgan

“Exceeded expectations. High quality work delivered before the deadline. Great communication. Will be using Taylor again.”

Abbie White